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Purchasing a pool cover for your pool not only ensures the safety of your neighbors, and their children, it is a great way to minimize the operating expenses of your facility.

  1. A commercial grade spring lock safety cover blocks almost all of the sunlight from your pool water. Without sunlight there can be no photosynthesis. When you take photosynthesis out of the equation, we can maintain your pool through the off season without using large quantities of sanitizers like chlorine. Reducing our chemical costs, reduces the cost of your turnkey management contract.
  2. With your pool covered, there is no need to have someone come and vacuum the leaves. Eliminating this labor cost makes your yearly off season maintenance cost lower, and in turn lowers your management contract
  3. Once your pool is covered, it can be properly winterized for the off season, your pool equipment room can be shut down, and your pool motor can be turned off. Shutting your pool motor down for the off season will dramatically reduce your electric bill. This is where the cover can quickly pay for itself.
  4. Finally, pool covers also extend the life of your pool's surface!

Let us know if you're interested and we will visit your facility and take detailed measurements of your pool. Once a drawing has been made, we can present our proposal for a custom manufactured pool cover, which carries a 15 year warranty. Many commercial facilities are moving in this direction.

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